Monitoring & Advocacy

The monitoring and advocacy focus of the PSAM aims to improve public service delivery and enhance the progressive realisation of constitutional rights. The PSAM evaluates budgeting, planning, expenditure and performance in the following service delivery departments of the Eastern Cape government: Education, Health, Local Government, Human Settlements and Economic Development and Environmental Affairs. The various social accountability monitoring tools used by the PSAM have been developed in order to systematically monitor the public resource management cycle and enable citizens to hold government officials accountable for service delivery and performance. The following outputs are produced annually:

i) Strategic Plan Evaluations – these are analyses of the coherence and responsiveness of a government department’s Annual Performance Plan (three-year plan) and Operational Plan (one-year plan). The evaluation focuses on the final draft of plans for departments.

ii) Budget Analysis – this is an analysis of the policy priorities and budget allocations of departments. It focuses in the impact of policy priorities, trade-offs and assumptions in a department’s budget and on its ability to implement effective and efficient service delivery and accountability system.

iii) Expenditure Tracking Reports – these are analyses of the implementation of expenditure management systems of departments. The report tracks public expenditure by providing an evaluation of a department’s reported expenditure against its equitable share allocations for main programmes and, where necessary, key sub- programmes in the financial year under review.