Over the last 2 years, the Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) has represented the Partnership for Social Accountability Alliance on a Technical Working Group established by the SADC Parliamentary Forum (PF) to develop a Model Law on Public Finance Management.

On 14 July 2022 at the SADC PF 51st Plenary Assembly the Model Law was adopted unanimously and can be accessed HERE.

In the lead up to the Model Law’s adoption, PSAM director Jay Kruuse had supported a range public consultation processes convened by the SADC PF to obtain inputs to inform the drafting process. Kruuse also presented to a statutory meeting of the SADC PF where members considered a concept note on how MPs could use Public Finance Management to execute measures to fight corruption.

The PSAM looks forward to supporting the domestication of the Model Law on Public Finance Management across SADC member states in the interests of promoting good governance, accountability, and efficient and effective use of public resources.