The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) has been working in Southern Africa within the social accountability sector since 2007 whereas this year – 2019 – marks the organisation’s 20th year in existence. The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) is hosting its annual Global Partners Forum in Washington D.C. which presents a valuable opportunity for the PSAM to benefit from this learning and sharing platform with some of our regional partners from Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. As one of the organisations partnering with the GPSA to host the 2019 Global Partners Forum, the PSAM has dedicated this issue of our newsletter to the central theme of the Forum, which is: Social accountability and the challenge of inclusion in the public governance. This Newsletter contains learning reflections from the social accountability practitioners, some of whom will also be panelists at the Forum, as well as profiles of the additional panelists that will be presenting their experiences and findings from the field.

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