Welcome to PSAM


The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) forms part of the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.


Social accountability places an explicit duty on members of the Executive arm of governments, public officials and private service providers to justify their decisions and performance regarding the manner in which their use of public resources has affected the progressive realisation of socio-economic rights.


PSAM’s activities include research, monitoring, advocacy and capacity building. Working in selected countries in southern Africa, the PSAM generates and shares knowledge about social accountability.


The PSAM has three strategic programmes:


The Monitoring and Advocacy Programme aims to improve public service delivery and enhance the progressive realisation of constitutional rights. The PSAM evaluates budgeting, planning, expenditure and performance in select service delivery departments Major outputs include budget analyses, strategic planning evaluations and service delivery reports.


Regional Learning Programme activities aim to equip and engage southern Africa civic actors and interest groups on effective evidence-based social accountability monitoring and advocacy tools. Main activities include delivering the Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring course and developing country partnership agreements for context specific understanding and analysis of social accountability.


The Advocacy Impact Programme work draws on information from PSAM, its partners, social accountability practitioners and academics to contribute to the conceptual framework for social accountability. It aims to enhance the effectiveness of social accountability initiatives through knowledge generation and management.


The PSAM receives funding support from the following entities: