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People in Parliament under Covid-19

Tlamelo M Mothudi and Esteri Msindo report on public participation in Parliament and the Provincial Legislature during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Public participation is the bedrock of our Democracy. It has the potential to ensure better decision-making, strengthen accountability and build strong, […]

Environment plays second fiddle to EC development drive

By Grocott’s Mail Contributors on July 7, 2020 Conservation, OPINION & ANALYSIS, OUTSIDE, Regulations and enforcement By NICHOLAS SCARR Chief Directorate: Environmental AffairsEastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs & Tourism Monitoring and Advocacy Programme, Public Service Accountability Monitor2020/21 […]

COVID-19 and beyond: Adequate shelter and housing needs must inform Human Settlements budget. Forthcoming budget adjustments in response to COVID-19 will shift additional resources to the health sector. There are a number of important questions that must be asked in anticipating the forthcoming budget adjustments in and beyond that sector. How the […]

Account4COVID Webinar Summary: Reflections of an online conversation with some of Africa’s frontline civic actors Background/context _Account4COVID post webinar blog v.1 With the outbreak of Covid-19, many governments’ health and basic service delivery systems have already been placed under considerable strain and across Africa, fragile health and economic systems are likely to face […]