Regional Learning

The Regional Learning Programme (RLP) offers the Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring course (a Rhodes University accredited course) three times a year. This course provides an introduction to a rights-based approach to social accountability and an integrated systemic approach to evidence-based social accountability monitoring of public resource management frameworks.

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Monitoring & Advocacy

The monitoring and advocacy focus of the PSAM aims to improve public service delivery and enhance the progressive realisation of constitutional rights. The PSAM evaluates budgeting, planning, expenditure and performance in the following service delivery departments of the Eastern Cape government: Education, Health, Local Government, Human Settlements and Economic Development and Environmental Affairs.

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Advocacy Impact

The Advocacy Impact Programme (AIP) works to improve the impact and effectiveness of social accountability advocacy in sub-Saharan Africa. This is done through an improved understanding of what works and why. Through the AIP, the PSAM seeks to ensure that social accountability practitioners enhance their ability to evaluate and then improve the impact of their advocacy activities.

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