Advocacy Impact Programme

The Advocacy Impact Programme aims to ensure that social accountability practitioners and stakeholders enhance their understanding of social accountability practice through increased social accountability knowledge and information in sub-Saharan Africa.


The AIP aims to better enable the PSAM and its partners to learn from their advocacy achievements and challenges so that their work remains relevant and at the forefront of the sector. This is done through undertaking research on the work of PSAM and its partners, which it shares within the social accountability community of practice with the aim of influencing African and global discourses in the field. The AIP aims to contribute to the conceptual and theoretical understandings of the Social Accountability sector, allowing PSAM, partners and civil society to learn from advocacy achievements and challenges.


A key activity of the AIP is to create, maintain and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms that encourage reflection, learning, sharing and documenting by social accountability organisations in sub-Saharan Africa.


Key functions of the AIP include: research, fostering learning within the PSAM and its partners, knowledge generation and distribution, and networking across the sector.


The above functions are achieved through the following key activities: case study research (see publications list below), the hosting of a biennial conference (for more information about the 2016 conference go to:, managing the COPSAM website (,  conference & seminar presentations, and fostering organisational learning.


Download the 2018 Social Accountability Conference PROGRAMME

You can link to a livestream of the plenary presentations and panels on the 11th and 12th September here

AIP outputs